Apple propose ce soir la 99e preview de Safari Technology, une nouvelle version qui apporte quelques changements.

Safari Technology

Vous pouvez la découvrir et la tester à cette adresse. Dans cette nouvelle mouture, Apple se concentre sur Web Inspector, Web API, les Cookies et plus encore. Vous trouverez tous les détails ci-dessous.

Release 99

Legacy Plug-Ins

  • Removed support for Adobe Flash

Web Inspector

  • Elements
    • Enabled the P3 color picker
    • Added RGBA input fields for the P3 color picker
    • Added support for manipulating the value with the arrow keys in the color picker
    • Added color() suggestion when editing a CSS property that accepts color values
  • Sources
    • Allowed editing of style sheets injected by Safari App Extensions
  • Console
    • Ensured that the clear button is always visible, even at smaller widths


  • Added support for using valid non-zero width and height attributes to become the default aspect ratio of <img>
  • Added a check to ensure Service Workers terminate after a period of time when thread blocking
  • Aligned Range.intersectsNode() with the DOM specification
  • Changed <iframe> attributes to be processed on srcdoc attribute removal
  • Changed <img>.naturalWidth to return the density-corrected intrinsic width
  • Changed <link> with non-CSS type to not be retrieved
  • Changed Object.keys to throw if called on a module namespace object with uninitialized binding
  • Changed Object.preventExtensions to throw if not successful
  • Changed Document.createAttribute() to take in a localName, not a qualifiedName
  • Changed the supported MIME types for image encoding to be supported image MIME types
  • Denied Notification API access for non-secure contexts
  • Fixed dispatchEvent() to not clear the event’s isTrusted flag when it returns early
  • Fixed String.prototype.replace() incorrectly handling named references on regular expressions without named groups
  • Fixed URL parser in Fetch not always using UTF-8
  • Fixed encoding entities correctly in <style> element during XML serialization of text
  • Removed the low priority resource load for sendBeacon to reduce failure rates
  • Updated Fetch to Handle empty Location value


  • Fixed document.cookie to not do a sync IPC to the network process for iframes that do not have storage access


  • Added support for image-set() standard syntax
  • Added support for rendering highlights specified in CSS Highlight API
  • Implemented a network error when fetching a linked stylesheet resource fails
  • Improved performance by invalidating only affected elements after media query evaluation changes
  • Fixed rejected changes between similar unprefixed and prefixed gradient syntax
  • Excluded implicit CSS grid tracks from the resolved value


  • Enabled HDR Media Capabilities by default
  • Fixed specification violation in Font Loading API
  • Ignored URL host for schemes that are not using host information
  • Implemented “create a potential-CORS request”
  • Implemented transceiver setCodecPreferences
  • Made text track loading set same-origin fallback flag
  • Fixed MediaKeySession.load() failing


  • Removed the certificate info checks related to getUserMedia

Payment Request

  • Converted the payment method data IDL in the PaymentRequest constructor

Web Animations

  • Stopped creating CSS Animations for <noscript> elements


  • Fixed invalid date parsing for ISO 8601 strings when no timezone given
  • Fixed RegExp.prototype[Symbol.replace] to support named capture groups

Web Share API

  • Added support for a user gesture to allow using the Web Share API even when preceded by an XHR call


  • Reimplemented the “Execute Async Script” command with Promises to match the specification
  • Fixed handling of session timeouts for values higher than MAX_INT
  • Fixed scripts being executed in the wrong page context after a history navigation


  • Improved performance by removing the timer for pending operations in IDBTransaction

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