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Voici un nouveau petit jeu avec de bateaux. Vous devez ordonner les parcours de chaque bateaux sans qu’ils rentrent dedans !

Au fur et à mesure que vous accomplissez vos missions, vous gagnez de l’argent. Mais c’est pour de faux ! 😉

Ensuite, vous devrez accessoiriser votre bateau afin d’avoir de meilleurs performances. Bien sur, plus ça va vite, plus faut suivre la cadence. et là c’est une autre histoire 😉

Le jeu est optimiser pour l’iPhone 4 et l’iPad. Voici une video de l’éditeur :

Description de l’editeur :

Would you like to see something really new in the the world of line drawing games?
We present to you the Craft Control and give you the chance to make your own strategy.
Besides getting scores you earn money at the same time that you can use in the shop. It’s not up to you to choose the time when you go to the shop but you are periodically offered to enter. Before entry time arrives you will be warned by a”sailor man” appearing in the top right corner of the screen. Once you are in then you can buy or upgrade special abilities to make your ships more competitive.
Imagine that you play in a live, interactive world where there are fish living around you and you can really feel the atmosphere of the ocean. Although the gameplay is completely under your control some random events can damage your plans! But don’t worry, you have more than one life and thanks to the multi-checkpoint system you can earn extra cash to buy new lives or to upgrade your ships.

The eight maps differs not only in the graphics but in the game parameters too: the frequency of entering the shop, number of random events and the number of ships starting at the same time.

Feature list:

-universal binary: supports retina display, iPad, iPhones, iPods
-8 maps with different gameplay experience
-opportunities for strategic decisions
-fascinating and animated graphics
-terrain is affecting your speed
-interactive world
-random events
-extra bonus points
-extra offers for even more cash (rarely)
-multi-checkpoint system
-ships getting bogged (but you can push them off)
-online and local high scores

http://istomgames.com (video & more information)


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