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iThoughts is a mind mapping tool for the iPhone. If you have an iPad then check out iThoughtsHD.

It enables you to ‘see the big picture’ – freeing you to concentrate on how your thoughts and ideas relate to each other.


• Extensive support for desktop formats (Freemind, Novamind, Mindmanager, XMind, iMindmap and OPML)
• Relationships (links between topics)
• Map recovery (resurrecting old versions of maps)
• Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion (custom auto complete)
• Wirelessly upload/download mind maps from your Mac, Windows or Linux system using your favourite web browser.
• Icons and coloured topics.
• Multiple topic shapes.
• Folding topics.
• Cut, copy, paste, move and merge the topics.
• Zoom and scroll
• Edit in landscape and portrait mode.
• Multi-line topics.
• Download maps directly from the Internet.
• Support for larger maps (with a canvas that is 1000x the standard screen size)
• Attach notes to topics – with hyperlinks to phone numbers, web sites, e-mail addresses and other iThoughts maps.
• Email maps as attachments (in all supported formats including PNG images)
• Share maps with friends and colleagues via Flash enabled browser.
• Auto align and arrange topics relative to each other – automatically if desired.
• Task Management (due date, percent complete.)
• Integrated with box.net online collaboration service.

Typical Uses:

• Task lists.
• Brainstorming.
• Project planning.
• Goal setting.
• Concept mapping.

Nouveautés de la version 3.0

• In-place topic edit
• Multiple background canvas options
• Dropbox integration
• One-tap synchronisation
• Many UI tweaks, performance improvements and bug fixes


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