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Groups takes contacts group management to a totally different level. You get to manage your contacts the iPhone way; A simple drag & drop gesture. As they say, “a Drag & Drop is worth a thousand operations”… or something like that!

With Groups you can:

★ View and manage contact groups from a single, easy to navigate view.

★ Send Mass / Group SMS and Email to any contact group. Mail Groups with individually set To, Cc and Bcc selections. With a few taps, easily send mass SMS or Email to your friends, family or colleagues.

★ Create, rename, delete, sort, color, hide and navigate contact groups – all in a single view!

★ Drag & Drop single or multiple contacts into or out of groups.

★ Send Mass / Group Mail to only a subset of a selected Group. Simply perform a search and filter on contacts you wish to email. Group emailing was never this easy.

★ vCard attachments (as inline text and an attached file supported by all mobiles): share contact information with others easily and effectively. Supports sending all fields including photos.

★ Merge multiple contacts into a single contact in Mass Select Mode (tap-hold two fingers on contact list). Extremely easy to merge duplicate contacts.

★ Dial, SMS, Email and visit URL/Map Locations of individual contacts by tapping on their name for quick dialing (i.e. use it as a mini-dialer)

★ Search through your entire contact list from a single view. You can save searches too!

★ Use the built-in smart T9 Dial Pad to make quick calls and quickly filter on matched names and numbers while you dial.

★ Save performed searches as Smart Groups with a single tap

★ Smart Groups: Use built-in ready to use ‘Smart Groups’ or create your own to easily categorize and manage your contacts. Groups offers the most powerful and easy to use filter-creation view ever. Note: Smart Groups are filtered views of your contacts and you cannot obviously drag and drop a contact to these groups.

★ Keep your contacts and groups in sync with the built in Address Book, your Laptop or Mobile Me (Please see note below for Windows).

★ Map Out group contacts. For a selected group this will map out each contact on a map for visualizing your contacts

Groups is the ultimate Group Emailing / Texting / SMS application and is the only contact grouper tool you’ll ever need. It’s rich with features and offers unmatched usability.

Important Notes & Known issues:
* Note: Upgrading firmware to iOS 4.0 deletes all groups if syncing with Exchange. This is a firmware issue/bug.

* Japanese & Chinese users: Please enter Phonetic Last/First for your contacts for them to sort correctly

* Outlook users: iTunes syncs created groups as folders and not categories

* Exchange servers or Google Sync will not sync back groups created with Groups. Groups cannot harm your address book as it simply reads and writes to it. It does not synchronize explicitly to any other service.

* Managing Ringtones is not supported

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