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➤ What our customers have to say:

« The best relaxation program yet. After trying (and unfortunately buying) a number of programs of this type, I finally have to give this one five stars. No endless loops, professionally made, and the author keeps working on it. The current price is laughable, considering what is being offered. »

➤ Reviewed and recommended by APPSTOREAPPS.COM (4 out of 5 stars) and « APPS&CO » (5 out of 5 stars)

➤ Silent Island:

Take a break, relax and enjoy high quality relaxation melodies and nature sounds on Silent Island. These carefully selected ambience melodies inspired by nature will transport you away from the stresses of daily life and create a clearing for your mind to reconnect to the natural calming rhythms that rejuvenate the body.

➤ More than 140 minutes of amazing relaxation melodies:

With Silent Island you can enjoy melodies by famous artist Hauke Nissen (known from TV and radio) categorized in seven different themes addressing the mood and energy in response to the pulse of the day.

In “day mode” you will find melodies that energize the start of the day, inspire thinking and calm the soul. In “night mode” you will find melodies that will bring you piece and calm, leading to a comforting sleep. You will be amazed by the high quality of the sounds and the relaxation effect.

➤ Nature sound loops:

Over twenty high quality nature sounds like ocean waves, rain, thunderstorm, campfire and many more.

➤ Slide shows:

Enjoy one of the three different slide shows while listening to the melodies. Choose between beautiful rendered images of the island, real island pictures or impressions of the Silent Island underwater world.

➤ Short videos:

Enjoy the three relaxing short videos to calm down and relax. Choose between a sunset, ocean and clouds or drift ice video.

➤ Additional features:

Silent Island offers a unique design and a relaxing user interface. Depending on the time of the day the application starts in night or day mode and suggests different melodies. Use the sleep timer to listen to your favourite melodies when you want to fall asleep.

As a special functionality the application features “Island Illuminations” Put your IPhone/IPod Touch in “Island Illumination Mode” before you go to sleep and watch your bedroom bathe in spectral colours of the rainbow. Together with the peaceful melodies you will be transformed and renewed.

➤ ONE MORE TIP: Check out the on ITunes available Silent Island Sampler CD and listen to even more amazing relaxation melodies on your IPod.

➤ The artist Hauke Nissen:

The famous Artist Hauke Nissen grew up and is still living on a small hidden island where he plays his instruments like the fairytale guitar, heaven harp and pan pipe strings improvising sounds and mixing his melodies with the natural sounds from the island, creating melodies that inspires feelings of deep calm and serenity. Visit his website below to find out more about the artist.

➤ Title list:

Day mode: Island of Light, The Island, Harmony, Summer Dream, Mystic Melody, Fable Garden, Good Night, Dreamland, Happiness

Night mode: Into the Silence, Dream Journey, Imagination, Song of Silence, Ocean Gold, Blue Sky, Summer Wind, Endless Heaven, Save Harbour, Deep Sleep

Nature sounds: Ocean Waves, Ocean 3D, Island Stream, At the Beach, Walking on Beach Shells, Thunderstorm, Storm, Birds, Wind, Rain, Waterfall, Campfire,…

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