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A Professional Sleep-aids and relaxation tools. The background music inside has been carefully chosen and with delta tones, theta tones and alpha tones to provide a relaxing atmosphere to help you fall asleep naturally. The loops noise include White noise, Pink noise, Brown noise and Nature sound (such as Birds call, Bug Song, Ocean waves, Peaceful Rain, Rolling Thunder and Spring Forest Night ) mask household noises to make you relaxed and comfortable, as if you are in a free and nature environment.


Selectable Background Music and Loops Noise
about 10~40 minutes loops muisc
Settable Timer and Alarm
Adjustable Volume and Interval second
Support playing background music and 3 loops Noise in same time
Support recording music, ambient noise or any other sounds as your own sleeping sounds

Description of the Sounds:

White / Pink /Brown Noise (A term for a random audio signal, help you fall asleep.)
Music – Fantasia (With theta tones, for a deep sense of relaxing sleep.)
Music – Insomnia (With delta tones, for very gentle, peaceful sleep.)
Music – Solaris (With alpha tones, for a calm, relaxing sleep .)
Music – Stargate (With alpha and theta tones, for a gentle, peaceful sleep.)
Music – Forest Song / Bug Song ( a stress free nature environment feelling .)
Music – Ocean / Stream (Especially relaxing, Like A comforting vacation )

Music list:
Cosmic Reflection, Fantasia, Insomnia, Solaris, Stargate, Ocean, Stream, Bug Song, Forest Song, Rain Song, Brown Noise, Pink Noise, White Noise, Amazing Grace, Ambient Gourd, End of the Era, Frozen Star, Love Song, Snow Drop, Transition One.

Noise List:
Brwon Noise, Pink Noise, White Noise, Blue Noise, Violet Noise, Ocean Waves, Boreal Rive, Cricket Night, Gentle Rain, Meditation Stream, Peaceful Stream, Mountain Stream, Birds and Frogs, River Sounds, Rolling Thunder, Spring Night, Owls and Frog, Stream Sound, Summer Forest, Surf Sounds, Thunder, Thunder and Crickets, Thunder Storm, Wind Chime, Winter Winds, Train, Autumn Winds, Kakabeka Falls, Medicine Falls, Bubble.

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