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FluxTunes gives you sight-free music control. Perfect for the car or when exercising, making controlling your music a more enjoyable and safer experience.

FluxTunes turns the entire touchscreen into a control pad, so you can keep your eyes on the road and change tracks with a simple swipe across the screen. Swipe up or down for volume control, or tap to pause your music : it’s that simple. Also perfect for when you are lying in bed and just want to keep your eyes closed.

FluxTunes also offers you full gesture customisation – choose from a list of gestures and select your desired response, such as a double tap to turn on shuffle mode, or a two finger swipe to play all the songs from the same artist.

Proximity detection is also available- drop the iPhone in your pocket and the screen switches off, saving your battery and avoiding any accidental screen touches. Pull the phone from your pocket and it’s immediately ready, you don’t need to unlock the device!

Key Features:
– genuine sight-free music controls: no buttons to accidentally tap accidentally
– ability to lock to portrait or landscape orientation, or have the app automatically change
– sleep timer
– dimmer settings for use at night
– set up gestures however you want!

YouTube video demonstration : http://bit.ly/71f0A


OS 3.0 or above, since it requires access to your music library.


What reviewers are saying:

“If you love music, you definitely would love the way FluxTunes has made things super simple” — iPhoneFootprint.com

‘FluxTunes nails the “control your iPhone while multitasking” issue dead center’ — App Smile (5/5)

“If you are a music lover that stays active or likes to multitask while rocking out then we highly recommend FluxTunes for iPhone” — Slap App (4/5)

“FluxTunes is a lifesaver, maybe literally, when you’re on the freeway and can’t take the time to look at the iPod screen to change songs.” — 148 Apps (4.5/5)


FluxTunes is actively supported- if you have any features you’d like to see in a future version, then please visit our website at http://www.quokkastudios.com to send your comment.

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– Always obey your local laws.
– While driving, do not take your eyes off the road to adjust your music.
– Do not make or receive phone calls when driving, regardless of whether using a hands-free kit. Talking on the phone while driving is a major risk factor for accidents.
– Listening to music while riding a bicycle or motorcycle is not recommended, since this may hamper awareness of other traffic.
– Listening to music while walking or running on roads, cycleways or other pathways shared with vehicles is not recommended, since this may hamper awareness of approaching vehicles.
– Wearing headphones while driving is not recommended, since this may hamper awareness of other traffic and emergency vehicles and may physically affect your driving.
– Do not listen to music at excessive volume, since this may cause permanent damage to your hearing.


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