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Frozen Ape presents the next generation of the bestselling metronome app for the iPhone OS: Tempo 2. While retaining the same hyper-accurate audio engine from Tempo, the interface has been completely redesigned to put the focus on the metronome display. Tempo 2 is aimed at the advanced user who needs more out of a metronome app.

Tempo 2 was designed with the iPhone’ display size and multi-touch in mind. A large “virtual LEDs” display takes center stage, surrounded by controls for more frequently-used functions. Advanced options are accessible via five modal panels that appear when certain buttons are held.

Tempo 2 works in both Landscape and Portrait, with the interface for each specifically tailored to the dimensions.

Meters are represented as simply the number of beats per measure, and the number of divisions per beat. Coupled with the ability to customize every beat and sub-beat, this gives you maximum flexibility in defining the time signature you want.

Auto setlist advancement, accelerando, ritardando and bar tracking makes it possible for you to program count-ins or complex songs with varying tempo, time signatures and rhythms.

Please see this link for a demo video: http://tinyurl.com/26agrnc

Time Signatures
– Up to 20 beats per measure
– Up to 8 subdivisions per beat
– Drag on the Meter display to set the time signature, or pinch in and out on the LEDs

Rhythm Patterns
– Configure every beat and sub-beat to one of 4 states: Accent 1, Accent 2, Regular, Silent
– Choose from 5 sound sets: Digital, Analog, Shaker, Rock Kit and a Pro kit for drum click tracks
– Assign any sound and option to vibrate to each of the tick states
– Set individual volumes for each of the tick states

– Ranges from 10 to 800 BPM
– Four ways to edit tempo: tap tempo, adjustment buttons, drag and direct input via keypad
– Beat Duration and Frequency display
– Italian tempo markings

– Store time signatures and rhythms (accents) in 5 quick-access preset buttons

– Store tempo, time signature, rhythm patterns and bar ticker settings in songs organized into setlists
– Setlist Mode in metronome view displays selected setlist and song
– Full editing of saved songs
– Advanced management including multi-row deletion and copying of songs to other setlists
– Turn on auto setlist advance for hands free operation, or program complex songs
– Loop setlist

Bar Ticker
– Keep track of number of bars played
– Option to stop metronome automatically when bar total reached
– Automatic adjustment of tempo by X BPM every X bars

Reference Tones
– All 12 chromatic notes
– Quick-access button
– Set duration between 0.2 to 10 seconds or play indefinitely

Audio Control
– Mute switch
– Playback over iPod music and when screen is locked
– Separate volume control for metronome

– Landscape and Portrait
– Choose from 7 available UI colors
– Built-in Help section explaining all functionalities over 8 topics
– Disable device’s auto-lock settings
– Option to flash display on the first beat

ATTENTION: No speaker support for 1st gen iPod touch.


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