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Chordmaster is the quintessential hand-held guitar chord library brought to you by Planet Waves, one of the D’Addario company’s family of world-renowned musical instrument accessory brands.

Chordmaster is a companion to Planet Waves’ complete guitar scale and arpeggio app, “Scale Wizard”.

The Planet Waves Chordmaster puts a comprehensive and accurate library of over 7800 guitar chords into the palm of your hand. The Chordmaster displays the notes and fingerings on a virtual fretboard, and allows you to view each chord selected in every position up and down the guitar neck. You can even strum the virtual strings to play and hear each chord in pristine audio. The library is separated into Root, Chord Type and Chord Variants, allowing you to navigate to any chord easily and quickly. The Chordmaster even has a “lefty mode” for the often-ignored left handed guitarist. Enjoy exploring and expanding your chord vocabulary with this easy-to-use, comprehensive library.


– More than 7000 chords in the Library
– Displays notes and fingerings on a virtual fretboard
– Displays chords in multiple fretboard positions
– Strum strings to play and hear chord
– Includes left-and right-handed diagrams

Chordmaster was developed by Audiofile Engineering, a leading developer of audio software for Mac OS X and the iPhone.


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