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This is iPeng, the Music Remote for the Logitech® Squeezebox™. It’s a remote control application that gives you control over your music all over your home with your iPhone or iPod touch.

Easy and Fast to Use
• Building on the iPhone’s user friendly interface, iPeng offers an intuitive user interface.
• iPeng’s functionality is optimized for speed of use guaranteeing long-term fun.
• Built-in Tutorials now help you to learn iPeng’s operation.

Explore Your Music Library (1)
• Browse your own Files by categories like Albums, Artists, Genres or simply Search for your Music.
• Access additional functionality for your music through Context Menus

Explore Remote Services
• You get Access to a whole world of Internet Radio
• Access Music Services like Rhapsody™ and Napster™ and have control over them as if they were in your own library
• Access additional Squeezebox™ Apps (2)

Get Full Control Over Your Squeezebox Players
• iPeng’s MultiPlayer control offers a unique capability to manage and control all your players in one place.
• Have direct access to Power/Volume for each connected player
• Group players to synchronized groups. Jointly control playback and volume for these groups and move players between them using Drag and Drop or a Toolbar.
• Power all players in a group off with a single click when you leave.
• Move Players between Music Sources
• Have access to all Squeezebox features through the Player Context Menu: Alarms, Sleep, Shuffle&Repeat Settings and many more

Manage What’s Currently Playing
• View, save, change and rearrange your current playlist.
• Get context information on the currently playing song/station or on other songs in the current playlist

Use 3rd Party Plugins (3)
• iPeng supports a growing number of 3rd party plugins for Squeezebox™
• Customize your library through CustomBrowse
• Rate Tracks and browse by statistics with TrackStat
• Get album and artist information with AlbumReview and Biography
• Use 3rd party radio plugins like AlienBBC, NPR Radio and others
• And many more…

Use MySqueezebox.com
• iPeng doesn’t require a server to operate your Squeezebox, it also supports Logitech’s MySqueezbox.com online service.

iPeng is available in English language only but most of the language used in the application will use the Music Source’s language setting and text.

iPeng requires one or more Squeezebox™ or any compatible hard- or software player.
Squeezebox™ is a trademark of Logitech

(1) Requires SqueezeCenter (from V 7.0) or Squeezebox Server (7.5 recommended) available for free from www.logitechsqueezebox.com.
(2) With Squeezebox Server 7.4 or later or MySqueezebox.com
(3) Installation of 3rd party plugins in SqueezeCenter required

Nouveautés de la version 1.2.7

iPeng 1.2.7 brings some improvements and fixes over:
• Easier discrimination between „On/Off“ states for Squeezeboxes
• Dutch translation
• Other improvements and fixes around WOL, caching and the display of very large covers, Global Search, some context menus and for moving players to MySqueezebox.com

iPeng fixes some minor issues with iPeng 1.2.5:
• iPeng will no longer switch the active player when becoming active from the background
• More distinguishable active player
• Cover art thumbs now also show in full resolution on iPad
• Proximity sensor support with “Prevent Standby” no longer requires an App restart to switch state

iPeng 1.2.5 implements iOS4 compatibility but also features improved functionality.

New Features:
• iOS4 support. iPeng now makes use of fast App Switching and Multitasking
• Landscape Mode. iPeng now supports both portrait and Landscape modes. The NowPlaying screen in Landscape mode will now provide a screen-saver like full screen view
• High-Res graphics. iPeng now uses full-scale graphics on NowPlaying and bigger cover art thumbnails on iPhone 4 and iPad.
• Accessibility. iPeng now fully supports VoiceOver (iPhone from 3GS, iPod touch from 3rd generation and iPad only) making it probably the most powerful Squeezebox remote control solution for people with visual disabilities.
• Localization. iPeng is now fully localized in English, German and Danish languages and provides enhanced support for many other languages, too.

Improved Features
• Improved Player and Music Source handling. iPeng will now find your player automatically in even more cases and also switch Music Sources if required.
• Even more enhanced Squeezebox feature and plugin support with additional search and context menu functionality.
• Enhanced Server configuration support. iPeng now allows you to change your MySqueezebox.com account and has improved support for Wake-On-LAN.

Bug fixes
• Several issues with iOS4 and Squeezebox Server on the Squeezebox Touch are fixed in this release.


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