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What’s that song? Use SoundHound. It’s a revolution in music search:

○ The world’s fastest music recognition on tunes playing from a speaker
○ The world’s only singing and humming search
○ Instant lyrics and artist info for your iPod songs
○ And, you can even go straight to a title or artist just by saying the name!

« This is amazing… insane, right? » -David Pogue of the New York Times

« A Music App That Could Change Mobile Search… Impressive. » – Dana Oshiro, nytimes.com

#1 in « Ten of the Best iPhone Apps » Alex Pell, The Sunday Times (UK)

Your SoundHound experience includes:

♪ Blazing fast music recognition: SoundHound can name a song playing from a speaker in just four seconds!

♪ You can sing or hum a tune and SoundHound can guess what it is – tunes stuck in your head might be found!

♪ Now, have you ever searched artists or song titles using your voice? Try voice-activated search and witness the future of how you will interact with your mobile devices– speaking to them!

♪ In-app lyrics

♪ Groundbreaking music discovery: artist top songs with visual popularity, previews, similar artists, Pandora station links, and the exclusive Underplayed list: a set of songs discovered in SoundHound much more often than they are played on the radio

♪ Instant sharing over email, Facebook, Twitter, and SMS

♪ Buying with one tap to iTunes

♪ Playback of your iPod tracks or entire playlists – while viewing SoundHound features including Lyrics

♪ Industry-leading music browsing: bios, in-app YouTube videos, discography, and tour dates

Use SoundHound every day for voice and text searches and iPod integration that brings your songs to life with lyrics, videos, song previews, album information and more immersive features.

◄ Special for iPad ►

♪ A new, immersive music exploration experience

♪ The SoundHound scrolling ticker – delivering songs just discovered in SoundHound worldwide

♪ Beautiful, full-size lyrics and YouTube pages

♪ Special portrait and landscape modes with even easier navigation

◄ More Praise for SoundHound ►

○ Essential iPad App – « Seriously fast »
-John Herrman, Gizmodo, April 3, 2010

○ « Genius, isn’t it? » BBC World Radio

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