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♫ Touch the Music! ♬ ⇒ Enjoy a unique musical experience on your iPad!
«It feels like you are creating music with your own hands. And actually you do… »

♫ Create breathtaking mixes in real time that any pro-DJ would envy.

♫ So what is MixxMuse Pro HD?
✔ a simple App that lets you touch the music and change it
✔ a loop-based music instrument that lets you control each individual instrument
✔ multi touch DJ mixer with intuitive and futuristic interface
✔ an innovative music game

MixxMuse Pro HD includes much more music then the free versions.

MixxMuse Pro HD includes:
✔ FreeStyle Mode
✔ unique music game in Carrier mode
✔ Over 250 free Samples to play with

♫ We are constantly working on new awesome updates!

MixxMuse Pro HD is offered at an introductionary price, that will get
higher as we add new updates.
Buy it now and get all the updates without extra cost!

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