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MyBoxOffice is a personal movie database designed to keep track of your personal DVD and VHS collection. Movie data can automatically get pulled from the internet to provide title, genre, and the movie cover image when you provide the UPC code. Movie data can also be entered manually.

Movies are displayed by title, genre, and loan status. You can search for movies in your collection and enter a “loan status” to keep track of who you lend a movie to or borrowed it from.

– Enter the UPC and tap load to retrieve movie data from the internet
– Scan barcodes directly into the app using the fastest and most accurate scanning software available for the iPhone, via the built-in and ready-to-use Red Laser SDK!
– Enter the title and tap load (next to the title field) to look up the UPC and load remaining data from the internet
– Save all your movies in a convenient collection
– See your movie cover art on your iPod/iPhone
– Track movie loans
– Rate your movies
– Search the database by multiple space-separated keywords
– Tilt your iPod to landscape view and view your movie covers in “shelf view” mode.
– Backup and restore your library to our online backup server
– View your backed up list at ipod.pressnells.net
– Email backup files (CSV or binary) to a location of your choice.
– Import your own data (CSV format) or backup files.
– Not sure what to watch? While in cover view, shake iPod and a random movie will be chosen for you.
– Watched/Unwatched status is displayed in the main lists.
– While editing an entry, tap on the cover image to search the internet for additional cover image options.
– Set the cover image using the iPod camera (if available)
– Set default values and list font size in iPod settings app.

Nouveautés de la version 2.5

* Web Browser Support! – Turn on the built-in web server to access your database directly from a desktop web browser! View and sort your entire database from your desktop! Backup and restore your database without any additional software!


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