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“This drop-dead gorgeous app for digital artists packs a rich feature set into a surprisingly intuitive interface.” WIRED Magazine.

Find out for yourself what has made SketchBook Pro the industry standard for digital sketching!

Autodesk SketchBook® Pro for iPad is a professional-grade paint and drawing application. Using the same paint engine as its desktop counterpart, SketchBook Pro delivers a complete set of sketching & painting tools through a streamlined and intuitive user interface designed exclusively for the iPad experience.

Whether you are an occasional doodler or a professional illustrator, SketchBook Pro transforms your iPad into the ultimate digital SketchBook.

If you love SketchBook Mobile for iPhone, you will adore SketchBook Pro on the iPad.


• Full Screen work space with support for any device orientation

• Canvas size: 1024 x 768

✓Multi-Touch Interface:
• Two finger pan & zoom navigation with 2500% zoom
• Three finger tap for controls
• Three finger swipe gestures for quick access

✓High Quality Brushes and Tools:
• Professional grade paint engine delivers smooth and precise brush strokes
• 75 preset brushes, including pencils, pens, markers, natural media and photo brushes
• New Nature & Stamp brushes
• Flood fill and smear tool
• Completely customizable brush settings for each brush
• Draw styles for creating straight lines, rectangles, and circles
• Synthetic pressure sensitivity (brush fade-off)
• 10 levels of undo and redo (Quick Access: three finger swipe left and right)
• Dynamic symmetric drawing
• Quick Access: Three finger swipe down on canvas
• Individual brushes can now be reset to factory settings by pressing and holding on their icons until the reset dialogue appears.

• 6 Layers allowing ease of editing and control
• Import layers from Photo Library
• Duplicate, Merge and Reorder Layers
• Move, scale, and rotate layers
interactively using Multi-Touch
• Toggle visibility and adjust Layer Opacity
• Quick Access: Three finger swipe up on canvas

✓ Blend Modes
• SketchBook 1.1 introduces Blend Modes to the layer editor.
• Supported Blend modes include: Multiply, Add, Screen and Normal
• When saving to PSD blend modes are maintained in the exported file

✓ Preserve Transparency
• When enabled on a layer this feature allows users to paint only on top of existing paint strokes. This is very useful for repainting, shading or other detailed work that requires exact detail within an area that has already been painted.

✓ Template Library
• A new Template Library is now available from the image import button in the Layer Editor. This library includes a variety of grids, perspective reference and ruled paper.

✓ Video Output
• When connected to a compatible display through either the Apple Component AV Cable or the Apple Dock Connector to VGA adaptor your canvas and gallery can be mirrored to an external display or television.

• Store and view work-in-progress
• Export to Photo Library
• E-mail images
• Export as a layered PSD file
• Browse images in full screen mode
• Export to iTunes File Sharing

• Color Wheel with HSB and RBG color space
• Customizable Color Swatches
• Eye-dropper color selection
• Erase color chip to convert any brush into custom eraser

✓ Customizable double tap canvas corners
• Customizable double tap canvas shortcuts. You can assign one of the following shortcuts to each corner: Clear Layer, Frame Canvas, Undo, Redo, Last Brush, Last Color.

✓Stay Connected:
• Built in SketchBook News panel for live info about Sketching events and announcements
• Visual help pages

Email any inquiries to: sketchbook.mobile@autodesk.com


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