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See the Instructions page on our website for a new 4-minute video on how to get the most out of SmackTalk!

First there was SQUEAKIER. NOW–there is FREAKIER. No matter what You say SmackTalk! can say it back–from Freaky to Squeaky.

Don’t be fooled by all those low-quality « Talking  » apps with the ugly characters. SmackTalk! is THE original–the CUTEST–voice-altering talk back app. Featuring the iconic animated guinea pig, puppy, kitten, and chihuahua that repeat what you say in high-pitched squeaky to low-pitched freaky voices *in real-time* for hours of hilarious laughter. Works in every language!

iOS 4.1 tested
iPod Touch 4 users don’t need an external microphone.

SmackTalk! will not work without an external microphone, sold separately.

Check out some of our customer reviews:

* I just discovered this app and it has to be one of THE best!! I LOVE IT!! It should be given the best app award of 2009 NOW!

* Once you start laughing you can’t stop because then you begin laughing at the sound of your laugh! Funniest app I’ve ever had. You must get it!

* I ran the app in a room full of adults who proceeded to laugh so hard we cried! This was OUTSTANDING! HYSTERICAL!!!!

* My 3 year old laughed so hard he started to cry. This will be a top 10 app for sure!!!

* This has to be the funniest App ever. It is worth twice the price just to see every one of my colleagues’ faces when I turned it on in the middle of a meeting.

* This is a great application! Fun for the family, for work, you name it. This will give you laugh after laugh. HIghly recommend it!

* My kid loves this! I haven’t seen her laugh so much EVER! It’s just hilarious.

SmackTalk! always sets off a chain reaction of laughter. The animation and lip-sync are so responsive you’d swear they’re alive. See our website for a 50 second video clip of children playing with SmackTalk!


SmackTalk! is easy to use:

TALK: SmackTalk! records until you stop talking, then talks back

TAP: Show/Hide buttons. Buttons are always active–even when you hide them. Surprise your friends!

DOUBLE-TAP: Toggle the Pinch Mode to be Pitch or Speed


TAP A TRIGGER: Instantly PLAYs a Trigger.

HOLD A TRIGGER: Record after the beep as LONG AS YOU WANT. Don’t let go until you’re done recording. Try recording your Boss at a long meeting, or an entire episode of your favorite Talk Show.

HOLD « RECORD NOW »: Instantly starts Recording your Voice for up to 6 seconds–don’t let go until you’re done recording. Instantly PLAYS when you let go. Use in loud rooms, or when you’re reciting poetry.

TAP: « SAY AGAIN »: Instantly plays the last thing you recorded.

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