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Featured by Apple as both a « Staff Favorite » and « New and Noteworthy ». A Flashlight that works. Fastest one tap ON function. Slickest UI. Swipe left for Strobe Controls. iPhone 4 only. Automatically set to ON when launched! New Features regularly added.

 Icon professionally designed to fit perfectly on your home screen next to Apple’s own app icons.

 Strobe light that has been calibrated to work exactly like a real strobe light (it stops motion in complete darkness).

 Auto S.O.S. for emergencies.

 Battery level indicator

 Flashlight only mode disables extra features for people who only care about the flashlight function (you can turn them back on anytime).

 On/Off button designed to resemble a real flashlight button. Original artwork includes grip pattern found on real flashlights!

 Unique swipe based user interface designed to focus on features you are currently using, and keep features you aren’t, out of the way.

This app works all the time, every time.

 Fully supported with often updates. Want a certain feature? Email us. We personally answer each email and will try our best to add any feature you request! We are always working on updates.


 « Excellent UI. Best of all iPhone LED flashlight apps…Highly recommend »

 « Possibly the best dev team I’ve seen yet. You actually listen and respond quickly! This app is by far the cleanest and best on the app store! Flawless. The ONLY flashlight worth buying »

 « Strobe light is a cool addition, but I probably won’t use it much–GREAT idea to keep it out of sight with the swipe feature–the app stays nice and clean. Nice work guys! »

 « Great UI, and great functionality. Well done developer. »

 « This is a simple, perfect little app that is very handy. No lag with startup. Highly recommended »

 « Great update! Best flashlight app available »

 « This flashlight works perfectly. I love it. »

 « I am both pleased with the app and impressed with the developer! Great work! »

 « The latest update brings everything you need: iPod, in call use, adjustable strobe! I can only imagine what future updates will bring! »

 « In short, this company cares about their product and has learned a lot through this process. Customer support and service is the key ingredient in any small business. This is likely the beginning of several successful apps to come. I for one will have my dollar bill waiting. »

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