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Earth Secrets

Anonymously share your secrets with the planet.

Earth secrets let you share your secrets with the world and discover other people thoughts.
Tell the world your hopes, your regrets, your fantasies or simply confess yourself.

The entire world can hear you !

Features :

* Fly over the planet and discover other people secrets
* Touch the globe to reveal the secrets (or simply press the « next » button)
* Post your secrets (in the most anonymous way)
* Hug people to express your compassion and sympathy
* See how many people have read your secret and how many times you have been hugged
* Keep track of the most beautiful and touching secrets in the ‘my hugs’ section
* Discover wonderful earth animations
* Browse the top 10 secrets

Tell Earth Secrets anything you want. And let your secret fly around the world

Join the community and be part of the most beautiful journey on iPhone

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