Apple a déployé la 71e preview de Safari Technology. Cette nouvelle version apporte plusieurs changements par rapport aux précédentes, incluant de nouvelles fonctionnalités.

Vous pouvez la découvrir et la tester à cette adresse. Dans cette nouvelle mouture, Apple se concentre sur la partie Dark mode, les animations Web, le CSS, WebRTC, et bien plus encore. Vous trouverez tous les détails ci-dessous.

Release 71

Dark Mode

  • Enabled Dark Mode CSS Support by default in the Experimental Features menu
  • Added experimental support for a supported-color-schemes CSS property
  • Updated prefers-color-scheme media query matching to better match the draft spec
  • Changed the default document background and text colors in dark mode and when dark is listed as a supported-color-schemes on the document or body element
  • Added support for forcing color scheme (dark or light mode) in Web Inspector’s Elements tab

Web Animations

  • Enabled Web Animations by default in the Experimental Features menu

Intersection Observer

  • Enabled Intersection Observer by default in the Experimental Features menu

Web Authentication

  • Added Web Authentication as an experimental feature with support for USB-based CTAP2 devices


  • Fixed click event and touch event listeners on the body element
  • Fixed input element gaining focus when a selectstart event listener on the document prevents the default action
  • Fixed phantom focus events and blur events firing when clicking between text input fields with addEventListener
  • Fixed Content-Type parameter values to allow empty quoted strings
  • Changed CSS Painting API to pass size, arguments, and input properties to the paint callback


  • Fixed incorrectly sized monospace text when an SVG is included as an <img>
  • Fixed SVG <use> element inside a shadow tree to be able to reference an element in the same tree
  • Fixed updating href on textPath to properly update its rendering


  • Unprefixed text-decoration CSS3 properties
  • Fixed normal-flow-only flex items to correctly respect z-index
  • Fixed overlays with -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch to become scrollable after added text makes it taller


  • Made compositing updates incremental
  • Changed to update the transform of a composited layer when the layer also needs repainted
  • Fixed the caret disappearing at the end of a password field when the caps lock indicator is shown
  • Fixed invisible dotted underlines that skip descenders
  • Added support for dynamic pseudo-classes on elements with display: contents
  • Fixed positioned text underlines that can look like a strike-through

Intelligent Tracking Prevention

  • Enabled a cap on partitioned cache max age


  • Required <iframe allow= »display »> for an iframe to use getDisplayMedia
  • Added support for RTCRtpCodecParameters.sdpFmtpLine
  • Added support for transportStats and peerConnectionStats
  • Enabled setting RTCRtpTransceiver.direction
  • Fixed RTCPeerConnection.getTransceivers to always expose all transceivers

Web Inspector

  • Added support for the tab bar to automatically add a new Audit tab for running page audits when enabled in Web Inspector Experimental settings
  • Added default tests to the Audit tab
  • Added support for drag-and-drop for importing Audits in the Audits tab and Recordings in the Canvas tab
  • Changed to not start the Canvas tab with auto-capture enabled
  • Added support for the copy keyboard shortcut and context menu to the Cookies table
  • Fixed the Debugger Popover to work when paused in a Worker
  • Fixed Elements tab to allow selecting and deleting multiple DOM nodes
  • Fixed missing minimum sizes in Network graphs that could cause no graph to be shown
  • Added secure certificate details per-request in the Network tab
  • Added a button to show the system certificate dialog in the Network tab
  • Fixed a potential issue for watch expressions that never show results
  • Added support for ⌘A (Command-A) to select all properties in the Styles sidebar
  • Added support for ⇧Click (Shift-click) on a property to extend the selection in the Styles sidebar
  • Fixed inline swatches when multiple properties selection is enabled in the Styles sidebar
  • Changed Pressing ⇥ (Tab) or ↩ (Enter) to start editing the focused property in the Styles sidebar
  • Added support to allow expanding properties to show list of overridden values in the Computed sidebar
  • Fixed the experimental Computed sidebar in Dark Mode
  • Updated tables to recalculate scrollable height when resized
  • Updated tables to support Select All ⌘A (Command-A)
  • Updated tables to support extending the row selection with the ⇧ (Shift) key
  • Updated tables with no selection to select the first or last row when pressing the down or up arrow key
  • Added a Media timeline in the Timelines tab
  • Updated TreeOutline to re-use multiple-selection logic from Table
  • Updated TreeOutline to prevent selecting the first child of an expanded element when pressing the right arrow key
  • Added a button to clear filters with “No Filter Results” in the Navigation sidebar
  • Made the “Reload Web Inspector” button more reliable when toggling experimental features

CSS Grid

  • Fixed absolute positioned child getting incorrectly sized when using auto-fit, generating spurious collapsed tracks
  • Fixed align-self:center and position:sticky to work together
  • Fixed grid container sizing under min-content height
  • Implemented Baseline Alignment for grid items


  • Fixed frame re-ordering preventing iframes from getting enqueued
  • Enabled external playback for video in element fullscreen
  • Fixed SourceBuffer to prevent throwing an error when appending a second init segment after changeType()

Payment Request

  • Fixed canMakePayment() to not consider serialized payment method data


  • Added BigInt support into ValueAdd

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