Apple a déployé la 67e preview de Safari Technology. Cette nouvelle version apporte plusieurs changements par rapport aux précédentes, incluant de nouvelles fonctionnalités.

Vous pouvez la découvrir et la tester à cette adresse. Dans cette nouvelle mouture, Apple se concentre sur la partie CSS, Apple Pay, l’API Web, JavaScript, et plus encore. Vous trouverez tous les détails ci-dessous.

Release 67

Pointer Events

  • Added PointerEvent in the Experimental Features menu
  • Ensured PointerEvent is not visible when disabled


  • Added RTCCodecStats support
  • Changed to allow IP mismatch for local connections on localhost
  • Cleaned up change handling for RealtimeMediaSource settings
  • Fixed video track clone to preserve original property
  • Implemented sender and receiver getStats
  • Updated constraints supported by getDisplayMedia


  • Enabled H.264 Simulcast
  • Enabled Modern Encrypted Media API by default in the Experimental Features menu
  • Added WebM sanitization in EME
  • Introduced the concept of CDMInstanceSession for EME
  • Changed to use some tolerance when deciding whether a frame should be appended to the decode queue in MSE
  • Fixed a comparison with an uninitialized greatestDecodeDuration in MSE
  • Fixed an unwanted erased sample from the decode queue in MSE
  • Fixed WebVTT cue alignment
  • Updated the WebVTT parser according to new region syntax


  • Fixed item alignment next to collapsed tracks with gutters in CSS Grid
  • Restricted the total combined size of backdrop filters
  • Fixed CSS reference filter with feDisplacementMap buffer corruption on Retina displays
  • Fixed updating feMorphology filter in CSS when the element moves
  • Fixed a garbled rendering of an image when feConvolveMatrix is applied to it on a Retina display
  • Started implementing CSS Custom Properties and Values
  • Implemented initialValue support for CSS Custom Properties and Values API
  • Made overflow:overlay a synonym for overflow:auto
  • Fixed <form> in quirks mode to have margin-block-end:1em


  • Implemented BigInt support for bitwise & operation
  • Optimized Array#indexOf in the C++ runtime
  • Optimized Array#lastIndexOf in the C++ runtime

Web Animations

  • Fixed accelerated animations to get suspended
  • Fixed endlessly calling DocumentTimeline::updateAnimations()
  • Ensured renderers with accelerated animations have layers

Shadow DOM

  • Added the support for users to select content across shadow boundaries
  • Added the support for copying content across shadow boundaries


  • Fixed custom elements in a reaction queue losing its JavaScript wrapper and becoming an HTMLUnknownElement
  • Fixed elements enqueued in mutation observers losing its JavaScript wrappers
  • Changed Image.proto to be a Function.prototype not an HTMLElement.prototype
  • Fixed radio inputs and checkbox inputs to fire “click”, “input”, and “change” events in order when clicked
  • Simplified authentication code
  • Changed to not propagate URLs to non-fully active documents
  • Changed to throw errors for cross-origin calls
  • Changed to strip the fragment from the document URL during URL propagation
  • Fixed no-op calls to ensure no side effects
  • Dropped support for the cross-origin-window-policy header

Apple Pay

  • Added support for granular errors in PaymentDetailsUpdate
  • Removed the “in-store” button type

Web Inspector

  • Fixed an issue that caused Web Inspector’s tabs to be hidden when docked to the side
  • Fixed an issue that caused dock buttons to disappear when Web Inspector goes fullscreen
  • The Debugger tab now has one unified section for all breakpoint types
  • Fixed the light background on new watch expression popover in Dark Mode
  • Fixed image resources without content getting shown when the Images folder is selected
  • Removed the Legacy Style Editor
  • Removed the Visual Style CSS details sidebar panel
  • Reworked the Computed panel in the Styles sidebar panel to match the styles of the Rules panel
  • Added an experimental setting for multi-property selection
  • Changed to start editing property names and values on mouseup instead of mousedown in the Styles sidebar

Web Driver

  • Fixed an issue wherein sending a Tab key press could sometimes shift focus out of web content and hang the WebDriver session
  • Fixed an issue that caused safaridriver to immediately abort on launch
  • Fixed an issue where the Perform Actions command failed if a keyboard input source specified a tick containing a “pause” value without a “key” value


  • Fixed an WebSQL issue preventing the user from granting a quota increase if the JavaScript provides an expected usage value that is too low

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