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The ORIGINAL public/private camera viewer with the ability to pan tilt and zoom supported devices!

#1 paid application in the United States! – Dec 2009
#1 in Japan (Jan 2010)
#3 in Canada (Dec-Jan 2010)
#6 in Italy – Feb 2010

8/10 (Editor’s Pick) on AppCraver.com

“This is one of the most intriguing and imaginative apps I’ve seen yet for the iPhone” – from a massive review at AppModo.com

Would you like instant access to over 3000 public webcams all over the world from one interface?

Do you own an IP camera or PC/Mac-based webcam that you use for home or business security?

Would you like to control your Pan/Tilt/Zoom device while at work, away on vacation or on business trips?

Live Cams is a JPEG/MJPEG based video viewer for IP cameras and webcams. It supports dozens of IP camera models from major manufacturers like Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Trendnet, Linksys, Toshiba, Vivotek and more!

Add your own cameras into the app for viewing on 3G or Wifi and enjoy PTZ controls for supported models. The application stores information locally and nothing is ever posted to a server for others to hack. You may enter an unlimited number of cameras, either your own or public cameras found on the internet.

Note: Works best on Wifi connections.

Major features:
• Supports pan/tilt/zoom controls for select Canon, Axis, Vivotek, Panasonic, webcamXP, TrendNet, Linksys devices
• Customizable grid view with 2-12 cameras onscreen at a time
• Mark cameras as favorites to find them quicker
• Save snapshots to your photo album
• Streaming video on Wifi from IP-based MJPEG cameras
• Auto-refresh still images are shown on cell networks
• iSight, Firewire, USB cameras for Mac OS are supported via EvoCam software (non-secured only)
• USB/Firewire cameras from Windows are supported via WebcamXP
• Over 3000 public cameras found on the internet are included for free as samples to view for various models. Image quality and responsiveness is based on camera settings by the owner and the network load (# of users per camera). Cameras may be removed or disabled from the list at any time and are not under control by the author of this application.

Live Cams does not support H264 or MPEG video. Devices must output JPEG images or MJPEG streaming video to be compatible. Webcams on Mac and PCs require additional 3rd party software (like webcamXP and EvoCam). Audio is not currently supported for any models but may be added in the future.

Public cameras found in this application are all available freely online on various websites. Performance and availability fluctuate from day to day. Cameras may be taken offline by their admins at any time. We are charging for our private camera engine and not for the sample cameras included.

Please read our blog at:

Want your business/resort camera included in the public samples for everyone to see? Contact support and send us the details!

We would love to receive screenshots of yourself in front of some of the public cameras holding a “Live Cams for iPhone” sign. Acceptable screenshots will be used as promos in iTunes!

Don’t know what an IP camera is? Visit http://www.networkcamerareviews.com


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