Ce soir, Apple propose la 112e preview de Safari Technology, une nouvelle version qui apporte davantage d’améliorations.

Safari Technology

Vous pouvez la découvrir et la tester à cette adresse. Dans cette nouvelle mouture, Apple se concentre sur Web Inspector, les extensions, le CSS, Javascript et plus encore. Vous trouverez tous les détails ci-dessous.

Release 112

Web Inspector

  • Changed the default tab order to display most commonly used tabs first
  • Changed the background, text, and border colors to match the OS
  • Changed to only show scrollbars when needed
  • Fixed issue where a failed initial subresource load would break the Sources Tab
  • Fixed the ability to save files that are base64 encoded
  • Prevented blurring the add class input when a class is added in the Styles sidebar of the Elements tab


  • Fixed pop-up dialog sizing for percentage height values applied to <html>
  • Added support for replacing a Safari App Extension with a Safari Web Extension by specifying the SFSafariAppExtensionBundleIdentifiersToReplace key in the NSExtension element in your Safari Web Extension Info.plist file. The value for the key should be an array of strings, each of which is the bundle identifier on a Safari App Extension you want to replace.


  • Fixed align-content in grid containers with small content area
  • Fixed the CSS clip-path being applied to the view-box coordinates
  • Fixed scroll snap when using RTL layout


  • Implemented Intl.DisplayNames
  • Changed eval?.() to be an indirect eval


  • Added support for SVG <a> element’s rel and relList attributes


  • Added behaviors for YouTube to offer HDR variants to devices which support HDR
  • Adopted AVPlayer.videoRangeOverride
  • Added HDR decode support in software-decoded VP9
  • Fixed becoming unresponsive after playing a video from a YouTube playlist in picture-in-picture mode


  • Added OfflineAudioContext constructor
  • Fixed scaleResolutionDownBy on RTCRtpSender


  • Added support for the type attribute to PerformanceObserver
  • Changed date and time input types to have a textfield appearance
  • Changed to propagate the user gesture through Fetch API
  • Fixed highlight color to update after being set it system preferences
  • Fixed datalist dropdown scrollbar position to match the visible region
  • Made mousemove event cancelable

Text Manipulation

  • Changed text manipulation to not extract non-breaking spaces
  • Fixed article headlines being split across multiple lines after translating


  • Changed to allow IndexedDB in third-party frames

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