Apple propose ce soir la 95e preview de Safari Technology, une nouvelle version qui apporte quelques changements.

Safari Technology

Vous pouvez la découvrir et la tester à cette adresse. Dans cette nouvelle mouture, Apple se concentre sur Shadow DOM, les images, ClipBoard et plus encore. Vous trouverez tous les détails ci-dessous.

Release 95

Shadow DOM

  • Added support for ShadowRoot.delegateFocus


  • Added image/apng as a supported mime type for images
  • Fixed a bug with filter outsets that caused black lines on images on wikipedia


  • Removed unified plan runtime flag

Clipboard API

  • Implemented getType() for ClipboardItems created from bindings
  • Refactored custom pasteboard writing codepaths to handle multiple items
  • Refactored Pasteboard item reading functions
  • Supported writing multiple PasteboardCustomData with SharedBuffers to the pasteboard
  • Added support for programmatic paste requests on macOS

Picture-in-Picture Web API

  • Implemented HTMLVideoElement.requestPictureInPicture() and Document.exitPictureInPicture()

Service Workers

  • Changed to reject a response body promise in the case of a failure happening after the HTTP response
  • Prevented timeout for a load intercepted by a Service Worker that receives a response

Back-Forward Cache

  • Fixed pages frequently failing to enter the back-forward cache due to frames with a quick redirect
  • Fixed back-forward cache after doing a Favorites navigation
  • Fixed clearing website data for a given session to not shut down cached processes for other sessions
  • Fixed DOMCacheStorage to not prevent pages from entering the back-forward cache

Web Inspector

  • Sources
    • Enabled the new Sources Tab by default, which merges the Debugger Tab and Resources Tab into a single UI
    • Added support for automatically creating an image or font local override when dragging content over a non-overridden resource
  • Debugger
    • Added support for pattern-based script blackboxing by URL in the Settings Tab
    • Prevented source mapped resources from being blackboxed
  • Elements
    • Included a filter option in the Computed details sidebar for condensing all related longhand properties into their respective shorthand properties

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