Apple a déployé la 73e preview de Safari Technology. Cette nouvelle version apporte plusieurs changements par rapport aux précédentes, incluant de nouvelles fonctionnalités.

Vous pouvez la découvrir et la tester à cette adresse. Dans cette nouvelle mouture, Apple se concentre sur l’API Web, l’authentication, le CSS, WebRTC, et bien plus encore. Vous trouverez tous les détails ci-dessous.

Release 73


  • Fixed navigator.userAgent in service workers to correctly reflect the customUserAgent set by the client
  • Fixed offsetLeft and offsetParent to adjust across shadow boundaries
  • Fixed an incorrect value for key property in keydown and keyup events generated holding Control (⌃) key
  • Removed support for <meta http-equiv=set-cookie>


  • Added support for globalThis
  • Added support for BigInt in JSON.stringify
  • Implemented support for BigInt ValueDiv into DFG
  • Implemented DFG and FTL support for typeof in BigInt
  • Implemented the “well-formed JSON.stringify” proposal
  • Optimized Object.keys by caching key results


  • Fixed percentages in relative offsets for CSS grid items
  • Fixed thick overlines and line-throughs growing in the wrong direction
  • Fixed CSS variables to work for colors in the border property
  • Prevented attempting to animate invalid CSS properties
  • Updated CSS Properties and Values API to use new cycle fallback behavior
  • Updated repeated background images with zero size to display the background color


  • Changed EME MediaKeySystemConfiguration distinctiveIdentifier and persistentState to default to optional
  • Changed inline WebVTT styles should override styles from Captions settings in System Preferences
  • Updated PiP video to switch tabs before returning video to inline
  • Changed playing a media element synchronously after setting srcObject to succeed without user gesture
  • Fixed a flicker when exiting element-fullscreen


  • Ensured the first video frame of a MediaStream is rendered
  • Fixed the MediaStream calculation of width or height when constraints contain only one of them
  • Ensured that an ended event fires on MediaStreamTrack when a USB camera is unplugged
  • Made RTCRtpSender.setParameters activate specific encodings
  • Made sure getSenders() and getReceivers() do not return closed transceiver senders or receivers
  • Implemented non-timeslice mode encoding for MediaRecorder
  • Made sure RTCRtpTransceiver.stopped is true when a remote description with the corresponding m section rejected is applied

Web Animations

  • Changed Web Animations to ensure an animation’s finished state only occurs once when updating animations

Web Authentication

  • Changed userPresence to always be true


  • Implemented WebGPUBindGroupLayoutDescriptor and its supporting dictionaries
  • Added basic implementation of vertex buffers with Metal Shading Language in WebGPU

Web Inspector

  • Enabled the display of m3u8 content as text in the Network tab
  • Ensured that localized strings in default audits respond to locale changes in the Audit tab
  • Fixed clipping of “Clear Filters” button in short windows in the Audit tab
  • Fixed descriptions of default tests in the Audit tab
  • Provided localization support for the display of “percentage passed” results in the Audit tab
  • Fixed autoformat for minified JavaScript
  • Fixed alignment of path view in the Canvas tab
  • Fixed initial focus state of the recording auto-capture input in the Canvas tab
  • Fixed selected text color when Inspector window is inactive in dark mode
  • Fixed colors of ThreadTreeElement status icon when hovered in dark mode
  • Fixed background color of Type profiler popovers in dark mode
  • Improved readability for tables containing object previews in dark mode
  • Fixed which element gets selected after pressing an arrow key after undoing deletion of a DOM node in the Elements tab
  • Fixed Charles Proxy errors when opening some HAR files exported from Safari
  • Fixed disappearing reload button after changing more than one setting
  • Fixed the spacing of “E” icon on the debugger dashboard
  • Fixed the rendering of column sort controls for dark mode in the Layers tab
  • Increased the default column width for some localizations in the Layers tab
  • Fixed the alignment of experimental setting editors for some localizations in the Settings tab
  • Fixed a problem in the Styles sidebar where focus was lost when the inspector is blurred
  • Fixed shift-clicking a color-swatch to change formats in the Styles sidebar
  • Fixed data corruption when toggling selected properties in the Styles sidebar
  • Improved the usability of the Computed styles sidebar when the panel is narrow
  • Made the “esc” key select the entire property when editing the name or value in the Styles sidebar
  • Prevented table selection from becoming corrupted when deleting selected cookies
  • Fixed labelling of Intersection Observer callbacks in the Timelines tab

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