Apple a déployé la 70e preview de Safari Technology. Cette nouvelle version apporte plusieurs changements par rapport aux précédentes, incluant de nouvelles fonctionnalités.

Vous pouvez la découvrir et la tester à cette adresse. Dans cette nouvelle mouture, Apple se concentre sur la partie Web Animations, le CSS, WebRTC, et plus encore. Vous trouverez tous les détails ci-dessous.

Release 70

Web Animations

  • Implemented getTiming() and updateTiming()
  • Implemented Animation.updatePlaybackRate()
  • Changed to not reset pending tasks when setting a null effect
  • Made document.getAnimations() return declarative animations in the correct order
  • Updated the API to allow the auto composite value
  • Updated the Web Animations API to remove all of the ReadOnly interfaces

Intersection Observer

  • Added support to allow cross-document intersection observing
  • Fixed isIntersecting computation when 0 is not a threshold
  • Updated to account for CSS zoom when computing client rects


  • Added CSS Custom Properties API Support for syntax= »* » and <length> with proper cycle handling
  • Fixed <picture> container to update when the prefers-color-scheme media query changes
  • Fixed CSS grid elements with justify-content:space-around that have extra whitespace
  • Implemented text-underline-offset and text-decoration-thickness


  • Added support for sender and receiver getCapabilities
  • Added onremovetrack support for RTCPeerConnection removed tracks
  • Changed MediaRecorder to fire dataavailable event when all tracks are ended and stop() is called
  • Fixed calling sender.replaceTrack() twice producing a new transceiver and its corresponding m=section
  • Fixed sender.replaceTrack() fails with InvalidStateError if the transceiver.direction is “inactive”
  • Fixed RTCTrackEvent.streams should be SameObject
  • Updated to prevent revealing device IDs until the user has granted permission to capture
  • Updated enumerateDevices to not expose devices that are not available to getUserMedia
  • Updated to prevent prompting the user again after denying a getDisplayMedia request


  • Fixed requestAnimationFrame causing bad location of position:fixed inside overflow:auto and iframe
  • Fixed overlays with -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch to become scrollable after added text makes it taller

Web Inspector

  • Added low-power video playback enter and exit events in Timelines and Network waterfalls
  • Added support to show save and restore stack for recorded 2D Canvases
  • Added missing context menu items for links in the Styles sidebar
  • Added support to toggle selected properties by pressing Space or ⌘/ (Command-/) in the Styles sidebar
  • Added support for multiple selection and multiple deletion of cookie records
  • Created a setting for auto-recording newly created contexts in the Canvas tab
  • Implemented copying and deletion of multiple properties in the Styles sidebar
  • Updated to capture changes to <canvas> (i.e., canvas size) that would affect the recorded context in the Canvas tab


  • Added a storage limit for IndexedDB
  • Changed IndexedDB to allow storing RTCCertificate


  • Fixed MediaSource.isTypeSupported(‘video/mp4; codecs= »hvc1.1.6.L60.B0’) getting improperly rejected

Payment Request

  • Changed the errorFields of PaymentResponse.retry() to be optional

Security UI

  • Added a warning in the Smart Search field when loading non-secure pages

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