Apple a déployé la 61e preview de Safari Technology. Cette nouvelle version apporte d’importants changements par rapport aux précédentes, incluant de nouvelles fonctionnalités Safari et WebKit qui seront présentes dans Safari 12.

Vous pouvez la découvrir et la tester à cette adresse. Dans cette nouvelle mouture, Apple se concentre sur la sécurité, le CSS, le Dark Mode, l’API Web, l’accessibilité, la compatibilité avec macOS Mojave, et plus encore. Vous trouverez tous les détails ci-dessous.

Release 61


  • Fixed -webkit-clip-path offset for clipPath references
  • Turned CSS Animation Triggers off by default
  • Updated clip-path box mapping to unified box

Dark Mode

  • Made the focus ring color honor the system accent color
  • Prevented inverting text color for selections when not in dark mode


  • Enabled Link Preload by default in the Experimental Features menu
  • Fixed cookie creation time exposed to Objective-C
  • Fixed find in page to find low (German) quotes
  • Fixed return values for DOMMatrix.invertSelf() when used on a non-invertible matrix
  • Implemented support for Element.toggleAttribute
  • Improved window.event compliance: Should not be set when target is in shadow tree
  • Promoted the Secure Context API from an experimental feature to always on
  • Updated the Element API to use qualifiedName to comply with standards

Service Workers

  • Made fetch() use “same-origin” credentials by default
  • Fixed fetching several times in a row


  • Disabled autoplay when the element is suspended
  • Fixed video flicker which sometimes happened when playing to AppleTV
  • Changed to reject getUserMedia promise if capture fails


  • Fixed delay and video lag caused by enabling and disabling a MediStreamTrack

Web Assembly

  • Stopped using tracePoints in JavaScript/WASM entry

Web Inspector

  • Fixed copy from Search results content view
  • Fixed the “Open Link” context menu action
  • Fixed the resource search field in dark mode
  • Fixed the Debugger content view to properly update when the left sidebar is collapsed
  • Enabled control-dragging to pan the 3D render in the Layers inspector


  • Added a subrole for meter elements on macOS
  • Fixed setValue on text controls to send out key events

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