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✓ iEmoticons works with iPhone 4 and iOS 4.0.

✓ iEmoticons works with all iPhone & iPod Touch devices with OS 3.x, 2.2.x.

✓ iEmoticons is in Top #100 Paid Apps in more than 20 Countries

✓ Over 300,000 iPhone & iPod Touch users worldwide

iEmoticons enables you to use the popular Emoji Keyboard on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Emojis are emoticons/smileys that you can type within SMS, Mail, Notes, Contacts, Calender or any other application.


There are more than 460 emoticons build into your keyboard and ready to use.

iEmoticons is the easiest emoji app on the app store to setup your emoji keyboard. Open the app and follow the instructions right on your device. No complicated instructions to follow!

Please note that you need to have iPhone OS 2.2 version or later in order to enable the emojis on your keyboard.

You can safely remove/uninstall iEmoticons app once emojis are enabled.


iEmoticons app also provides you Emoji HTML Codes for website development.

Please note that emoji icons are only supported by iPhone and iPod Touch devices with OS 2.2 or later. Emoji icons will not be displayed on other mobile phones/computers.

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