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Remote Control Camera with Live Camera Preview+Audio+Location Streaming over Bluetooth & WiFi and sharing via Flickr, Facebook and Twitter Uploads and In-App Mail

** Featured in Apple’s « What’s Hot » List! **

* Take full-sized, high resolution snapshots with your iPad!

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1) Plug your headphones into your iPad and iPod touches
2) If you want to connect via Bluetooth then turn Off WiFi in your Settings *OR* if you want to connect via WiFi then turn off Bluetooth in your Settings
3) Install this on an iPhone, start it up, and then tap the World button
4) Install this on an iPad or iPod touch
5) Connect them (tap « Nearby » on both devices for Bluetooth *OR* tap « Online » for WiFi)

** If you have a 2G or earlier model iPhone then use WiFi (Bluetooth only works on 3G or later model iPhones). **

iPhone 4 findings:
1) It launches in remote mode the first time you start it on iPhone 4 (Use the Tools button to switch to Camera mode)
2) The camera preview returned by an iPhone 4 is 2X the size of other iPhones
3) Set the preview size to Small and crank up the refresh rate on your Remote to get more frames per second

iOS4 findings:
1) Tap ‘Save’ instead of ‘Done’ during Twitter login to avoid a possible crash

* BIG PHOTO BUTTON – Tap Preview to Snap a shot
* AUTOFOCUS ON 3GS – Tap and Hold Preview to auto focus
* BURST SHOT MODE – Take 2, 3 or 4 burst shots when you tap the photo button
* TIMERS – Specify a « Start Time », « Number of Photos » and « Delay » using your keyboard.
* BURST TIMERS – Take as many burst shots as you want by creating a Timer with a « Delay » of 0 seconds (e.g. 25 shots in 19 seconds on a 3G!)
* ANTI-SHAKE MODE – Use your Accelerometer to take photos only when there is no shaking detected
* AUTO UPLOAD MODE – Upload your snapshots to Flickr, Facebook or Twitter in the background while you keep shooting
* AUTO SAVE MODE – Keep shooting while photos are saved to your device’s camera roll in the background
* RETICLES [Scope, Rectangle, Rule Of Thirds]
* BUTTON / RETICLE COLORS [Black, White, Red and Green]
* BLACK & WHITE – Auto converts snapshots to Black&White (Can also be done manually in camera roll)
* JPEG Compresssion Quality Control
* REMOTE CONTROL – Control your camera from another device and stream Audio+Video+Location
* TWITTER CLIENT – Read / Send Messages and Tweets; Set / Send Twitter GEO location
* FACEBOOK CLIENT – Send Updates with GEO location
* Works on iPhone

* Filters: Black & White, Flash / Brightness
* Multiple Selection Support
* Upload, Mail, Delete multiple photos at once
* Save multiple photos to your device’s camera roll at once
* Reorder photos
* Edit upload locations with a Google map
* Add / Crop photos from your device’s camera roll
* Swipe through full screen view of snapshots or view as a Slideshow
* Available with Camera and Remote

* View an Camera’s Live Camera Preview
* View a Map with a Video Pin of the Camera user’s location
* Voice Chat
* Tap the « Remote » preview and the « Camera » will snap a shot and send you the photo
* Adjust a Cameras’s zoom level
* Create Timers on a Camera

* Tap the « Remote » preview to transfer photos to the other user
* Voice Chat
* View Map of other user’s location

* Includes “MGTwitterEngine” code by Matt Gemmell

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